#KoFBestOf2016: Top 10 adidas NMD Colorways

The adidas NMD was everywhere in 2016. You saw it on hypebeasts, you saw it on nomads (get it?), you saw it on your grandmother, you saw it everywhere. While the Yeezy may have been a big factor in getting a lot of eyes on adidas it was the NMD and the Ultra Boosts that kept them coming back, because you could actually buy them without too much hassle. Well, you can buy some of them because there was a stretch there where even the most “general release” of NMDs was a pain to find, including many of the pairs that you’ll find on these lists. We didn’t put them on here because they were exclusive, but because they signified the best of 2016. Enjoy our countdown of the Top 10 adidas NMD colorways as part of #KoFBestOf2016.

13adidas NMD Tri-Color


Yes, I’m going to be petty as f**k that I didn’t cop them this past Monday because they are that good. The Tri-Color is something that amazingly opens up the silhouette and all it really is ostensibly the Glitch pattern – something we’ve already seen before – with three different colored stripes. It’s part of the conservative approach that Originals has taken with the NMD and will serve them well moving into 2017.

12adidas NMD Olive


Looking for a pair of kicks to go along with your Yeezy gear? How about something that goes well with just about anything that makes it look you just lived through a game of Fallout? The Olive colorway, which came in many iterations this year, was the NMD colorway of choice for many from the fashionable set. Now if only there was a true camo version that made this list. Hmmm…

11Nice Kicks x adidas NMD

Nice Kicks

We saw adidas work with a number of brands this year and Nice Kicks (the store) was one of the first out the gate with a splattered rendition that had sneakerheads itching to cop. The secondary market demand for these is off the charts, proving the old adage that you can never have too many red, black and white sneakers out in the wild. It just works, dammit..

10adidas NMD NYC Red Apple


See what we mean? Although the hype for this has more to do with there being only 200 pairs total out there, it still represents the tried and true colors that we demand in our kicks. And just for the record, adidas Originals, a Kicks On Fire x adidas NMD would be also be pretty cool. Hint, hint, hint…

9BAPE x adidas NMD


I know we all cursed the moon when alleged backdoored pairs started making their way to the Internets, but congrats if you were able to score a pair to actually wear out at retail. While I bristle at the thought of camo still being relevant in this day and age, I’m happy to see early 2000s staples like BAPE still maintain relevance this decade. Bringing them together with the adidas NMD was a masterstroke of marketing on both sides.

8White Mountaineering adidas NMD City Sock

Packer Shoes

You might think the adidas City Sock is a little too simple for it’s own good, but think of the blank Primeknit upper as just that, a blank canvas where anything is possible. But as expected, adidas is taking a more sedate approach with collabs like this one with White Mountaineering where the branding might be all over the place but it’s still “classy” enough to pull off that it’s not overwhelming the shoe. Although some might say it could the silhouette could use some of that.

7Packer Shoes x adidas NMD

Packer Shoes

Well, that’s certainly different. Modeled after classic 80s style with bright hues that look like something out of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, the Packer Shoes collabs is a glimpse into the future of the NMD and just how much untapped potential there is still waiting to pop out. That blue and teal color combination is just money every time and it works so well here.

6Pharrell x adidas NMD Human Race


Save for Yeezys, this might be the most bootlegged adidas sneaker this year so it only made sense that I pull a picture from adidas Originals’ Snapchat where this particular colorway of the NMD Human Race was on the feet of on Pharrell Williams. Reaction for this slate of drops has been mixed, but those who are fans are no doubt repping hard for these, thanks to the bright colors and limitless ways you can lace them up thanks to the cage system that we’ve seen since on other NMDs.

5adidas NMD Pitch Black Friends And Family


Spoiler: we keep it simple for the top 2 NMDs. First up is this ultra rare friends and family Pitch Black colorway that features the much-desired black Boost cushioning and a raffle that had everybody on their phones for several hours hoping to be among the lucky ones to score a pair. Not bad for what is essentially a blackout colorway. One of the greatest achievements of adidas current string of hits is how they have managed to help make simple colorways such as this cool again.

4adidas NMD PK White


Case in point. This is basically white version of the OG NMD with black Primeknit switched out with white. This super clean drop might carry with it the same problems as any white Primeknit release (read: dirt traps) but you definitely enjoy them while they’re clean. And considering I’ve seen so many of these being worn in Southern California this fall, I’m also glad we’re over that stupid “dont’ wear white after Labor Day” rule.